Cross Country


Brandon Oliver

(251) 221-3186

To contact Coach Oliver after school hours, email and leave your contact information. I get this email on my cell and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thanks a lot - Coach Oliver


Bring any/all uniforms you have to meets. We may have to "mix and match" to get everyone in a race.

If you do not have a uniform, wear plain navy shorts (no writing) and a plain T-shirt or Murphy T-shirt (must be cross country/track or plain – no other organizations).

If you have an extra XC or Track T-shirt, please bring it for those without uniforms.

Bring extra socks to wear during the race in case it is wet during warm up.

Bring plenty of water/sports drinks/snacks, etc… for yourself (and others if you want).

Plan to stay for the awards ceremonies. You must “check out” with Coach Oliver or Coach Lemon before leaving early from any meet. We must clean up our area, break down tents and other equipment before leaving.


Keep up the good work and let me know if and when you'd like to help or host a dinner. 

Practice Schedule

We meet Monday-Thursday at 3pm at the track near boys gym. Athletes should be ready to run at 3 (warmed up, bottles filled, shoes tied, restroom used, etc.). We practice until we are finished... Usually around 4:45pm.


**If raining or rain is the forecast, still expect to run. WE WILL RUN IN THE RAIN. We stop running if there is any lighting in the area. **


* Out of Town Day Trip: Transportation will be provided by parents (carpool). We will return to the school the same day. Some travel costs may be assessed to athletes prior to the trip.

** Out of Town Overnight Trip: Transportation will be provided by parents (carpool). We will stay overnight at a hotel and return the next day. Some travel costs may be assessed to athletes prior to the trip.

All out of town trips are tentative based on team budget and expense account balance. 

Cross Country Team State Champions



Cross Country Individual State Champions

1960- Morris Williams   10:10.8 (2 miles)

1961- Morris Williams   10:10.6 (2 miles)

1962- Morris Williams   9:41.5 (2 miles)

1975- Race Gentry       15:39 (3 miles)

1980- Tom Regan         15:57 (3 miles)

Anyone Interested in running Cross Country in the fall of 2016 needs to come see Coach Oliver to pick up a packet. You can also download all the of the necessary documents from the top of the page under "Forms". You must have an up-to-date physical (good for one year) and have your parents sign an insurance waiver before you begin practice with the team.


If you are a student at Phillips Prep, you can train and compete with the team at Murphy. You must LIVE in Murphy's district. It will prepare you for Track and many other high school sports. Please contact Coach Oliver for further information at